Caru Candra dasa - Ananta Salagram

Nicely painted for Janmastami 2001 in San Jose, USA

Lord Ananta came to Caru Candra Prabhu via Gaura Narayana Prabhu after Gaura came back from a pilgrimage to the Gandaki. He has a large chakra on His back that is not visible on the photo. An interesting pastime happened with this Salagrama a year or so ago. There was one lady in China named Ananda devi dasi who was leaving her body because of cancer. Caru visited her about a month before she passed on. It happened that just before she left, Ananta was taken to her room by a devotee and therefore she departed for the spiritual world with a Salagrama in her room. Therefore in the absence of the Holy Dhama, Anantadeva gave Ananda Mataji His causeless mercy. Caru said that even though Ananda Mataji's body was emaciated her room had a very strong spiritual energy to it.

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