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last updated 16th April 2013

Tantric Healer:
Whom Ye Gonna Call For:
Ghosts, Black Magic, Voodoo, Juju, Makumba, Curse, Witch-Craft, Phobia, Mental Disorders, Tantric and Other Occult Problems

This is my altar at Sri Pagal baba ashram, at the top left this is a very special Shalagram Sheela from my ancestors.

This Shaligram was presented to my father by a great Tantra Guru Sri Pagal Baba.
about 60 years ago . This is a very special Shaligram having the Mark of Krishna' s whole body created by the holy insects of Ganduki River.
When my Guru maharaj H.H. J.P.Swamy Visited my Ashram he has confirmed it.
This Shalagram is very auspicious, I will send the only clear photo of Shalagram in next mail.
In my first photo own left you wll find a oval shape shila. This is Sri Hanuman Sheela from the birth place of Hampy (Karnataka), I have collected it,

This is my office at Pagalbaba ashram

 Pagal baba ashram

Mr. Chakradhar Sahu
 At/Po. Bhabandha
Via: Bhatakumarada
Dist. Ganjam

Phone: 0091 (06811) 226522
Mobile:  0091 9938482707

We also have two go-shallas in our care, one here at Pagalbaba ashram and one at Jagannath Puri

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