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So happy! Champaks and gardenias in bloom at the same time! This only happens a couple weeks of the year! Now, if I could only take better pictures.


24th May 2013

Nrsimha Chaturdasi 2013

Oiled up and ready for a bath!

Milk snana.

Yogurt snana.

Honey snana

Coconut water snana--notice the nectar in the open mouth--mmm mmm.

Rose water snana

Back on Their asana. Laksmi Nrsimha, Yoga Nrsimha sila, Laksmi Nrsimha sila (two-both with open mouth), Nrsimha tadiya from the pillar and the pool where He washed His hands.

Closeup of Their Lordships.

22nd March 2012

Since 1980 I have been allowed to worship Salagram, Dwarka and Giriraja silas.  I was fortunate enough to be introduced to sila worship in the heydays of 55th St. in New York.  At that time my first sila was given to me, a Dwarka sila.  From that time until now these various silas have come of Their own accord.  Some came from temples that could no longer worship them. Some from prabhu's that needed a home for Them. Some from traveling sannyasi's. Each of Them has a unique and wonderful story behind them.

The core of the worship is Giriraja.  The worship of all others is built upon the foundation of  His worship.  He is from Govinda Kund. Here, he is surrounded by His pets, toys, and birds.

Raghunatha sila is the main salagram.  He is one of the original silas from 55th Street. He has a cow's hoof print on the top and bottom.  He is very kind to the householders.

Ugra Nrsimha, also known as Agni Locana-one whose eyes are like fire, was on 55th St as well. Many sannyasi's have begged for Him, many others prabhu's have cajoled for Him, but He has agreed to stay and allow us to serve Him. He has a fierce chakra on the top and bottom inside His mouth.

Now with HH Indradyuma Swami

The other silas include Vamana, Matsya, Kurma, Hayagriva, Sudarsana, Ananta, Damodara, Hiranyagarbha, and others.  There is also present a Rakta Kund sila, and a Balarama Dwarka sila.

There is a necklace of 26 Dwarka silas that was at one time intended for Rukmini Dwarkadisha.   They also resided for some time with Kisora Kisori.  They sit on a silver filigree throne.

Also present are Bhumi Varaha and Laksmi Nrsimha.


The Mercy of The Deities of Narottama dasa Thakur.

For many years I have worshipped a wonderful and fierce salagrama sila of Nrsimhadeva.  He was known as “agni locana”, one who has eyes like fire.  His photo has been posted on this site in connection with the other Lord’s that allow me serve Them.
 Due to some personal challenges in my devotional life I began to think of what needed refining in my service.  I was approaching a major change of periods and not only was some change indicated, but I felt in my heart it was due in coming.   For years many serious and advanced devotees had recommended that it might not be best for me to worship this particular form of Nrsimhadeva.  Not all of them were sannyasis trying to talk me out of Him either!  After some serious soul searching I felt it was time to cease His worship.  As I have many silas it wasn’t like giving up my service completely.  I was unclear how and what to do to accomplish this goal.  I was headed to Vrindavan for Kartik and felt Krsna would help me understand the proper move while in the dhama.
 While in Vraj, I got lots of wonderful association from Indradyumna Swami.  I took this opportunity to reveal my thoughts and mind on this subject.  I knew he wasn’t in a mood of trying to get the seva of this sila, it was just friendly conversation.  After I spoke with him he said, “Let’s think about this and maybe we can come up with a solution”.   The following day when I went to see him and chant japa together he told me, ”After japa I have an idea for you to think about”.  When we finished he told me that he had been in great danger lately and was seriously thinking how could he give himself more protection from Nrsimhadeva.  He suggested that I give him my Ugra Nrsimhadeva and he would give me his Laksmi Nrsimha. This was a wonderful idea I thought.  His sila was famous for the worship He received.  This exchange would allow us both to still worship the Lord in his Nrsimha form, but according to our needs.  We settled on an arrangement for exchanging our deities and felt very satisfied about the Lord’s arrangement.
 When Maharaja’s disciples heard of the idea they were not very happy with it.  They had all become very attached to this Laksmi Nrsimha sila and did not want Him to leave.  They let Maharaja know this in no uncertain terms.  He told me, “What can I do”?  “I have to fulfill their devotional desires”.  But he told me, “I’ll understand if you don’t want to go through with this”.  I told him that this was all the Lord’s arrangement and I can’t decide where the Lord will go, he moves of His own free will. Of course I would keep our plan”.
 The following day Maharaja said to me, ”I have tried to think of what I could do to reciprocate with your wonderful gift and I think I have an idea you may like”. I was given the silas of Narottama dasa Thakur and I would like to offer these silas to you for your service”.

What better gift could I have received?  This was an unbelievable gift and I was very happy to receive Them.  We made the suitable arrangements and the grace of Narottama dasa Thakur and Indradyumna Swami I have been able to perform Their service since that time.
 Both Maharaja and I felt that we received the Lord of our life and that this was the perfect form for each of us to worship.  It is indeed true that the Lord moves in amazing and unexpected ways.

Here we see the room of Srila Prabhupada.  He is the real source of mercy that allows this worship to continue.  He has his full bedroom, sitting room, and vyasasana.  He has a full set of his books in the bookcase.  There are ceilings fans to cool him as well.  His desk contains all the items he would regularly use.  He even has umbrellas, tom tom drum, and a world globe to plan out his sankirtan mission.

Swayam Vyakta shilas ki jaya - Srila Prabhupad ki jaya

The Lords of my life.

Bhumi Varaha and Varaha silas

Varaha receiving mango and orange juice snan

Varaha receiving yogurt snan

Varaha receiving honey snan

An interesting note that may be of interest to some-------

The authoritative academic treatise "Salagrama Khosa" quotes the Skanda Purana about how a salagrama should be placed on a sitting place (asana) for worship (puja). Therein it instructs that the sila should not be unsteady or unbalanced in the position one places it but should sit(lie) naturally with out any article (IE. pillow or blue tack) to support it.

I mention this as I often see silas that devotees have taken to "propping" up with various means due to wanting a particular look. Skanda Purana is clear about a natural sitting position requiring no assistance to stay like that. In other words, if the sila cannot stay in the position that one is worshiping, then you may want to consider changing that.

Just an observation on my part.

4th March 2013

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