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Sri Balaram Purnima day 2011 - our beloved Sri Damodara


Tulsi, named Vrinda (Brinda), was the wife of Jalandhar who sought a boon with the Gods, of invincibility as long as his wife is chaste.

Vrinda was a devout wife, who upheld chastity. Jalandhar, owing to the boon that he acquired, began to traumatise people that it became a difficult task for Gods to handle. Gods took refuge in Lord Vishnu, who came to their resort, by disguising Himself as Jalandhar and living with Vrinda to break her chastity.

Vrinda who lost her chastity to Lord Vishnu, on discovering the truth cursed Him to become a stone. She further cursed that at one point in time, He would also suffer the pangs of separation of His consort;she then immolated herself.

Lord Vishnu, acknowledging Vrinda’s purity, transformed her into a Tulsi plant, to be worshipped in all homes. He then became a stone (Shaligrama). In the Ramavatar, the Lord, as the result of the curse, suffered separation from His consort, Sita.

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All set for Malacca Ratha Yatra

Tulsi Saligram Vivaha at Sri Radha Giridhari on November 10, 2011


The last Vivaha of my Sri Radha Damodara


Tulasi Vivah festival is observed as a mark of reminder of the divine relationship between the Lord and Tulasi.
Tulasi is also said to be a form of Mahalakshmi. It is also referred as Vishnupriya, the beloved of Lord Vishnu.

The Last 10th year Tulasi Vivaha at SJMKL

“Chant the Hare Krishna mantra continuously and render service to the tulasi plant by watering her and offering prayers to her.
In this way, you will very soon get the opportunity to be sheltered at the lotus feet of Krishna.” – Sri Chaitanya Caritamrta, Antya 3.137

“Wherever there is the shade of the tulasi tree, which removes the pain of material existence, there is always liberation from death.
Such liberation is difficult to obtain by giving gifts.”- Garuda Pruana Saroddhara 9.6

Their Lordships

Sri Sri Radha Gopinath

Sri Radhastami on my alter with new painting of Gaura Nitai

My beloved Gurumaharaj HH Jayapataka Swami n HH Bhaktivejendra Swami came to our house on Deepavali Day!

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