Duplicitous Worship
last updated 13th September 2007

Duplicitous Worship

gorara ami gorara ami mukhe balile na cale
gorara acara gorara pracara la-ile phala phale

Telling everyone, “I am a devotee ofGaura! I am a devotee of Gaura!” will notsuffice. Ones life will be fruitful only when one follows the behavior and teachings of Gaura. (6)

loka dekhano gora bhaja tilaka matra dhari
gopanete atyacara gora dhare curi

Wearing tilak and vaishnava dress, one may make a show of being a devotee of Gaura while secretly misbehaving. But Gaura will certainly discover such deception. (7)

adha patana habe bhai kaile kutinati
nama aparadhe tomara bhajana habe mati

O brother, you will become degraded if you act in such a duplicitous way. All of your devotional practices will be ruined as you commit offenses against the holy name. (8)

nama lana ye kare papa haya aparadha
era mata bhakti ara ache kiba badha

If you chant the holy name but at the same time perform sinful activities it is an offense. Such a mentality will create obstacles in your bhakti. (9)

 Jagadananda Pandit. Śri Śri Prema-vivarta. Sri ChaitanyaGaudiya Math. Calcutta. 1984. Bengali.

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