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last updated 6th August 2005

Group picture of all Silas

Sri Vamana.

Sri Matsya.

Sri Hayagriva.

Sri Damodara.

another Sri Damodara.

Sri Ananta-Sesa with His hoods closed.

Sri Kurma.

Sri Laksmi-Nrsmha.

Sri Ananta-Dvaraka sila.

Sri Sudarshana.

Sri Ananta-Sesa and seated on Him are four Laksmi-Narayana Silas.

Sri Krsna.

Sri Vamana has a brahmana thread over his left shoulder and is my principle Salagrama. Sri Matsya has a large smile that goes all the way around. In good light it is seen that His colorings and surface are appropriate for the Matsya-sila. Sri Hayagriva has the shape and markings of a horses head. The two Damodara’s each have the rope marks around Their abdomen and were personally plucked from the waters of the Gandaki River by H.H. Bhaktisiddhanta Swami. Sri Ananta-Sesa has very distinct features of many hoods that stand erect to hold the multitude of planets on His hoods, and He also assumes the role of service to the Lord by taking the form of a couch for the Lord to sit upon. When He is in the closed position, His eyes, smile and tongue are prominent. Sri Kurma has a round tortoise body with two eyes clearly visible. At the back He has a small tail marking. These are the first seven Silas that I received from H.H. Bhaktisiddhanta Swami. Later I also received from His Holiness 7 other Silas such as Sri Sri Laksmi-Nrsimha, who has various cakras in the mouth. The four very small round Sri Sri Laksmi-Narayana Silas comfortably sit upon the couch provided by Sri Ananta-Sesa. Sri Krsna has a very distinct calf’s hoof print. Sri Ananta-Dvaraka-Sila has many beautiful markings and two eyes that watch over His devotees. The Sri Sudarshana was the last Sila that came to me, to make 15 Silas in total. Sri Sudarshana radiates many effulgent spoke-like markings. He originally arrived at Melbourne Temple with other Silas in a parcel from a mystery donor. The other Silas in that parcel are now worshipped on the altar at Melbourne Temple. Thus all these Silas have turned our residence into a Holy Tirtha by Their mercy and Their presence has increased the auspiciousness of our lives unlimitedly.

Your servant Gangesvara Dasa

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