Gaura Keshava dasa ACBSP - Keshavachari - Maui, Hawaii & Sri Rangam, India
last updated 4th October 2015

at my home in Pukalani, Maui Hawaii

13th May 2014

The carved ones and the smaller sudarsana ring are new from this year’s trip to Srirangam. The rest are my regular silas.

The front then back of each of the carved silas is shown.

There are two pics of the front and back of Laksmi Nrsimha (16 arms) and Veda Vyasa (in yoga pasture).

I am installing two new small gold plated Laskmi Nrsimhas on His appearance day. There is also a pic of them in Jala Adhivasa prior to their installation.
They are soaking in Viraja water along with a piece of the Stambha sila and a Rakta Kunda Sila from Ahobilam.





14th July 2006

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