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Dear prabhu,


 I worship 125 Shalagramas and a Giriraj. Maybe I will give a few details later on when I have more time. I'm the disciple of Srila Sivarama Swami Maharaja. He gave me all of them. I just wanted to drop a note that if anyone is very desperate to donate a Salagrama or Giriraj, and they happen to travel through Hungary, they may contact me.

 I will have a picture, I will send you later on.

Your servant,

Gauranga Dasa  <>

My name is Gauranga Das. I'm the disciple of His Holiness Srila Sivarama Maharaja. I live in Budapest, the capital of Hungary and do daily puja at the temple and at home, plus teach and practice Vedic Astrology. Here's my altar:

I received my Deities from my Guru Maharaja. First he gave me Lord Siva and Dhanvantari on March 30. 2000. and three days later he gave me the rest of the Deities, i.e. the four Nrisimha Silas, Giriraja, and the 114 small Salagramas in the box. In the autumn I received the Dvaraka Sila from a devotee who came back from India and the pujaris in Dvaraka gave Him to the devotee. The big Gopal Salagrama is from Vrindavana. He was worshipped by another devotee for two years and then he stopped doing the puja and our Guru Maharaja gave Him to me also. The picture in the back is of my Guru Maharaja's Sri Sri Dayal Nitai Gaurahari. The ebony Radhe-Syama picture was received by my wife from Him. Now a bit more detailed introduction:

Here is Gopal. He was called Damodara for some time, as He has a line going around him, which could either be the rope that Mother Yasoda tied around Him or the rope that the gopas use for tying the cows. But later Guru Maharaja decided that He is Gopal. He looks at Srimati Radharani and is even somewhat bent towards Her. Sometimes tears flow from His right eye, and there's different explanations why.

Here is Giriraj. As you may see (if you are fortunate), this is a rare Citra-sila, or a Giriraj on which the gopis painted a picture of Krishna lifting the Govardhana hill. Therefore He has no eyes or mouth. He is very merciful.

Here is Lord Nrsimhadeva. My Guru Maharaja called Him Caturmukha Nrsimhadeva, because He has four heads, apparently looking into the four directions to find Hiranyakasipu. There's an argument whether He is Ugra-Nrsimha or Laksmi-Nrsimha, because He has a vanamala around his neck, but His mouths are open. On his left is Dhanvantari. He is of the shape of the pot holding the nectar of immortality, and has a big hole on His top. Guru Maharaja said that there's a Siva Lingam inside. You can also see the picture of my Guru Maharaja here. He is very mercifully engaging this fallen soul in worship.

Here are 114 small round Salagramas which my Guru Maharaja used to carry with Him for a couple of years. There's also a small Siva Lingam inside the box on the bottom, and a golden Sankarsana Sila on the top. I massage Them with oil and give Them a bath on every Ekadasi. On the other days they are worshipped through one Salagrama, displayed below:

Here is Keshava, a very nice small Salagrama, having four edges and an additional one on the front right side.

Here is Anantadeva. He is a Dvaraka Sila, directly from the ocean. He has never been worshipped before. When I first bathed Him, the charanamrita was salty like the sea water.

And finally here's Lord Siva. I call Him Kapotesvara Mahadeva, as there's an ancient Siva Linga called like this at Danda-bhanga Lila-bhumi, or the place near Puri where Lord Nityananda broke Lord Caitanya's danda. This is a self-manifest Narmada Linga and He has nice marks on Him like the moon and tilaka on His forehead. On His left side is the Deity of Srila Prabhupada, manufactured at our farm community in New Vrajadhama. I request all the Vaishnavas, who are like desire trees, to bless me to continue my worship all my life, and go back to Goloka after it ends.

Your fallen servant, Gauranga Das <>
Phone: +36-309-140-839

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