Govardhan Dhari dasa - Vrindavan, India
last updated 24th October 2014

Today I feel like sharing something amazing that happened to me the day before kartik.
When i first came to braj I would wander about Govardhan and admire certain Giriraj Shilas and imagine how they would be worshipped.
So one day I went to my favourite spot and came across a crystal clear shiny shila and I was perplexed. I asked my baba mate and he said it was a Balaram Giriraj Shila.
I put Him back and left in amazement.

A year later I was told how rare and powerful such shilas were. And every time i went after that i could never find Him again.
However just after i arrived back and went to thank Giriraj for allowing me back in the Dham, without looking and a few years later,
I saw Him just looking at me with his hands raised up towards me like a baby . I quickly grabbed Him in excitement and took Him to the Baba who exclaimed loudly the word "DAUJI!!".
I was instructed to take Dauji home and do 'khoob puja' (loads of worship).

Now He wishes to give Darshan

This is my "baba mate"

Radhastami Special Darshan :)     taken @ Iskcon Vancouver

I can finally give open darshan of Giriraj and Shaligrams

Mereh Lal! Jai Giriraj Maharaj!


My 14 Shaligrams, one of which Giriraj Baba from Udhava Kind gave me is My Sakshi Gopal in the middle surrounded in Bling


Gopeshwar Mahadev. Shiva lingam given to me in south India by a Shivji Bhakta.


Bajrangbali! Has my back since I can ever remember. And in the back a drawing of Srila Gurudev.


Full altar.

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