Govardhan Palace - Govardhan Hill
18th July 2005

Iskcon's Govardhan Palace temple

....climbing the stairway to heaven !

This beautiful property was formerly owned by Maharaja Chattarpur from Madhya Pradesh...
  ...who was worshiping a beautiful Govardhana-sila in a small shrine. When devotees moved in, they continued the worship of this Deity. During digging of large hole for the underground water tank, the devotees discovered a Govardhana-sila that turned out to be exactly the same size and shape as the existing Krisna-sila...
  ...this sila was whitish in colour and now it is worshiped as Balarama at Krisna's side.

...this altar is just to the right of the other but in an alcove.

Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Govardhan Silas in Their day set

on Their altar, and with Keshava Bharati maharaj's Sila in front.

Krishna Balaram seated in the snan vedi ready for bathing

Krishna Balaram being bathed by their sevaks at Govardhan Palace

being bathed in yogurt of the panchamrita (milk, yogurt, ghee, honey, sugar)

an asana to Giriraj outside Iskcon Govardhan Hill

nearby Govardhan Hill

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