Hari Buddhi dasa and Lord Kurma

presently in Bogata, Colombia

Here is the history of Sri Kurmaji.

This is told by Candramukhi d.d., who found the Sila.

"In 1994 I went to India with some friends devotees. After finish the Goura Purnima´s festival, we travelled to Nepal.  They vere Prabhupada´s disciples, and they wished to get some Salagramas for worship the Lord.

First we arrived to Kathmandu, there, we met the ISKCON devotees and we saw the beatifull Salagramas that they had in the temple. Also we saw some broken Silas with bigs cakras that were in sale in the streets. We know the advice of the Sastra about buy Silas.

After a few days we flied to the Himalayas, to Jomson. For the fly, we took one small plane that was not very safe.

In two or three hours we arrived to the small airport of Jomson in the middle of the Himalayas. We began to walk to the Gandaki River, that was very near. We didn't know what to espect to see there. We become antonished whe we arrived to the river. In the back of the river were thousands of Silas and we started to walk over the Silas!
We began to walk, and I tried to become more KC because I didn´t wished to do any offenses to the Lord, and I started to chant Hare Krishna all the time, and Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, because I know that there all the stones are God.

We looked some particular Silas that were blackish, smalls, rounds, and that had some auspicious marks, but we didn´t found anyone of that kind of Silas. All of us were looking the floor trying to find them but all the silas seemed to be irregulars, bigs, and greys, with no marks in them.

Suddenly, I felt that someone were looking me in the floor. It was an amazing experience.  And so, I find Him, He was very nice. I chanted some mantras for Him, and I show Him to the other devotees.  They felt surprised because I was the first that found one Sila with marks. He was small, and was very, very beatifull. I putted Him in my belt bag. I felt very sure with Him there. I took care of Him and He took care of me. Then the others devotees found their owns silas, some biggers, some smallers. I took another two Silas. I gave Them to the others devotees. When we return to India we had a meeting with Padmanabha Goswami. I told him that I wished to worship my Sila, and he told me that He was a Kurma Sila, but is forbidden by the scriptures the worship of Sri Sila by womens. I felt my self very disappointed with that.

So I gave my dear Sila to Dharmananda Prabhu (ACBSP) who gave Him to another devotee, Maha Tapah Prabhu (HKP) from Argentina.  After one year, Dharmananda Prabhu visited Peru and he told us that Maha Tapah Prabhu returned Kurma Sila to him because His spiritual master didn´t gave permission to worship the Sila.  In that way Dharmananda Prabhu returned the Sila to me, and now Haribuddhi Prabhu (my husband) is worshiping that nice form of the Lord.

Kurma Sila Ki Jaya!

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