Indranil Govinda Dasa JPS - Buffalo City, New York, USA
last updated 9th October 2014


11th October 2012

Lord Kurmananta

Sri Laxmi Narasimha



these are from maternal uncle family side. I also personally worshipped them when i was in India.

9th July 2012

The first one with the indent and golden colours in the centre is Hiranya-garbha. The flatter one the picture is not so clear but by the general shape I would call Narayan sila.


12th February 2012

The Krishna Salagram is the blackish one (left), and the Giriraj Govardhan Sila is the brownish one on the right.

this is the Sila that was once part of Rupa Goswami's samdhi mandir at Radha Damodar temple complex in Vrindavan, and when it was dismantled to build the present new one in the 1970s a devotee kept this one stone from the samadhi as tadiya of the samadhi and Rupa Goswami Prabhupad. We don't know who painted the face on it, as it has been gifted to several devotees over the years. Some devotees who were there say it is a Govardhan sila that was in the samadhi some say it was part of the samadhi structure. I do not know for sure, but both are certainly worshipable.

When JTCd gifted these Thakurs to me he mentioned that in Salagram kosha it says that when one gives a Sila one should also give ashirvadam blessings "may you look after Him well, and may He look after you well" and so this was done also.......

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