Iskcon Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
last updated 22nd July 2013

Dear Devotees, friends
 Please consider signing this petition that I am sending all of you (link below). In Andhra Pradesh, the State Endowment Department intends to demolish the Iskcon Secunderabd Mandir ( to make way for "development". This atheistic organization controls more than 31,000 Hindu temples. All the bureaucracy and corruption they are involved in has taken the life and soul out of these sacred places of worship. These temple lands and properties that have been in Hindu control for thousands of years, and are now worth billions, and have been illegally occupied. The government has remained a mute spectator, or worse perhaps even an accomplice. But in case of Christianity and Islam, their places of worship are not under the government's control.
 Regardless of where your heart is in terms of religious affiliation, this travesty of justice represents an attack on religion in general and specifically an attack on the world's most ancient, sophisticated, and benevolent religion, Hinduism. If you can find the time please review the petitiond, sign it if you have a mind to do so, and forward it to your friends and members of your faith. Be aware that attack on someone else's religion today may be an attack on yours tomorrow. Thank you!
in service and friendship,

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