Historical Evolution of the Altar - Picture Gallery

last updated 22nd December 2005

Picture of the Altar in Vrindavan circa 1983

Picture of performing the seva puja in Melbourne Australia circa 1984

Picture of the Altar  in Melbourne Australia circa 1988

Picture of the Altar in Katikati, New Zealand 1995 - 2000

Then the big black boxes arrived one day in 2001, The bottom one made by Tamal Krishna dasa, the top made by Parvata Muni dasa,
both sponsored by Kailash mataji, and inside lighting by Gaura Nataraj dasa

.........so then with the new influx of Silas we had to get busy extending the pith for Everyone to sit on

November 2002

(photo by Hanuman d)

September 2003

The altar closed and new door clasp paid for by Balabhadra and Laxmi Nrsimha prabhus (in 2004).

The above picture circa April 2004

Janmastami midnight dipa darshan arati 2005

This is the pith (peeth) as of the Janmastami morning 27th August 2005

This is the updated altar picture after the avahan of Sri Sri Radhika Raman murthy (bottom right in pic) November 2005

Click here for pics of the installation (many pics are there now)
some pre-installation pics too, and a few things we made to help it all happen

The Altar as of 20th December 2005.

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