Making veshes and ornaments for the Lord

Mangal Giri


Cooking for the Lord

Making Fruit Garlands for the installation

Sewing clothes for Him/Them (coming soon)

last updated 3rd December 2005

Making a Mangal Giri to go behind Radhika Raman murthy

something we learned from kindagarten, how to make Playdoh. Here we're using the playdoh as a mold for making a mangalgiri arch

with a mixture of plaster of Paris ready to fill the mold

now've just got to leave it over nijght to set

here it is, the basic mold, now for the trimming to shape

getting there


now the pillar for it to stand on

same process, this was an impression of a candle stick holder - utility being the principle here......

a few days later and a lot of sanding and painting, here it is.

Making Veshes

Here we are using a modeling resin that one can fashion to the shape required and then bake in the oven to harden

Here we are just getting the basic shape for Radhaika Raman Salagram to sit on

fashioning the hands and legs out of the one block

all ready to go into the oven, needless to say the sandal wood tin and the sculpting stick have to replace the Salagram to hold the shape in the oven

a test run on the altar

He looks pretty good here

testing to see how alankaras will fit on Him

Now for the painting, and marking His hand with the mudra symbolizing the Chakra with the Golden triange that is inside Him

another test run

just needs some clothes now

Here He is Sri Sri Radhika Raman Salagram Sila seated on His new vesh in Raja-asana

Making Fruit Garlands for the installation

in the hand are cdried cranberry and golden sultana garlands

in the tray there are dried prunes, and apricots too

the result, globe grapes, and black grapes also

Sewing clothes for Him/Them (more coming soon)

my wife Vedavati devi dasi with shocked look on face as I called her and snapped as she was working on a set

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