Jvala Nrsimha prabhu's Sri Laxmi-Nrsimhadev shaligram

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A long time ago, I used to admire the beauty of my Guru Maharaja's (HH Indradyumna Swami) salagrama silas. To start with I never knew exactly who they were - just their glistening shiny appearance appealed to me.

Of course, over the years I learnt more about them and my desire to one day worship a personal salagrama sila grew stronger.

Almost 3 years ago, after strong insistence from my sister, me and my family went back to Switzerland for a brief "holiday". Over there I had very nice interactions with the devotees and particularly one brahamacari. When I talked to him, he mentioned that they have salagrama silas on the altar and that another prabhu has a variety of them sitting in the tulasi house.

Talk about Krishna's arrangement.  How on earth did he know that I maintained a desire for worshipping a sila?

So I went to make an arrangement to meet with this devotee. Because he was so busy, it was difficult to coordinate a suitable time. Also my departure was drawing closer and I started to get anxious.

Anyway, we met and we were sitting in front of this box and there were all these salagramas staring at me. I was overwhelmed. The prabhu has been to the Gandaki river many times and collected these silas over the years.

He left me with them after he gave them all a good oil bath. There I was, totally dazed by the presence of multiple forms of Krishna in front of my eyes. I manhandled each one of them. Prabhuji told me to take what I want. I settled to invite only one, as I haven't worshiped a salagrama before. (Here in Christchurch we offer puja daily to a Govardhana sila, kindly handed to us by H. H. Indradyumna Swami).

I spent a considerable long time with the silas, just to see which one feels right. I turned them, massaged them, talked to them, looked at them, flipped them around - to see whose form they were going to display. Finally I came across one who didn't come to my attention before. I moved him around and suddenly a lion face was appearing out of this salagrama. On the left side were markings that formed his mane, the eyes were rightly set and he had this elongated nose as they are typical to real lions.

I then knew, this is it, I've found my salagrama sila. I thought to myself, Krishna works in funny ways. Originally from Switzerland, I have lived down under for over 10 years. So my sister brings me back to my homeland to collect a Deity which comes from the holiest land on the planet - India.

All along Krishna had it all carved out for me, and now I have become initiated into the circle of dedicated worshippers of one of the most beautiful Deities in the world - a salagrama sila.

By the way, since I am very much drawn to the form of Lord Nrsimhadeva, he arranged to come in that particular form and I now offer my daily puja to Laksmi Nrsimha.

Yours in the service of the salagrama sila
Jvala Nrsimha das 

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