Karsini Priya devi dasi - JPS - Ecuador
last updated 14th July 2011

Two days ago i prepared this food for my Silas



Go Krida Go Puja Govardana 2010

I Promised the Lord to Bathe him in mango juice and I did so today. These mangoes are a gift from Pavana Gaura Das. Fifteen years ago a saw several mango trees in his garden and as a resulkt when it is mango harvesting he brings some mangoes to my house and now I am offereing them to the Lord throughan abhiseka.

My tiny Silas. Originally they were four but once that I made a namahatta programa and I explained the glories of Govardana one of the visitors might have stole it, becasue the next day at the time of abhiseka I found only three Silas in the asana.



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