Katyayani devi dasi - Detroit MI - USA
last updated 27th May 2014

Shyam. in the palm of my hand on 22k gold shrngasan

26th November 2012

This is my Salagram Sila Shyam, you are able to see how tiny He is compared to His water cup which is thimble sized.

My Shyam, before bath, in the raw! He is so cute!

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

My name is Katyayani-devi dasi.  I was gifted with a small beautiful black Salagram sila in April 2008.  It was given to me by an ISKCON devotee, who is from Nepal, his mother picked the Sila from the Gandhaki River herself.  It is very small, about the size of an american coin quarter and flat about 1/4 inch thickness.  It has no markings on it other than three very slight indentations in the form of a triangle.  I spoke to my Gurudeva, who gave me permission to worship this Sila, and told me that I could worship Him in the mood of Krishna.  He is very small, the size of a thumb, would be very hard to paint.  I was not prepared at all for Sila worship, did not have proper srinhasana for Him.  I had my mother sew some small pillows for Him, then began a very regulated but simple worship of Him.  I am daily bathing Him with bathing conch with warm water which chanting Sri Brahma Samhita, then massaging gently with sandalwood oil.  I then offer bhoga with Tulasi leaf.  After bhoga offering, I am doing dhoop arati for Him, along with camara.  Then He resides in simple asana which is pillow sewn by my mother in newly purchase glass candle holder.  He is listening to bhajans all day long.  I also offer him Tulasi leaf and water in silver cup.
I have no crown, shoes or flute for Him at this time as I was not prepared for Him.

This is regular and very sincere worship I am doing for Him.  I told my Gurudeva of this and also the prabhu who brought him to me without my requesting him.  Sri Sila seems very happy.  I have also named him Shyamsundara which my Gurudeva said was good name, He is black and beautiful.


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