Kaveri Ranga Ramanuja Dasan - Melbourne, Australia
last updated 1st August 2011

Vamana Shaligrama Murthi from above!! Isn't He just beautiful!!!

Temporary altar in the unfinished new house

Temporary Altar. Its rather crude. I spread pieces of cloth on the floor (which is covered with carton sheets!!). And keep the photos on!

The Sri Ranganathar Photo. Glory!!!!!

Vamana Shaligrama Murthi!!! Happily sitting on a bronze asana, atop kusha grass, amidst all the Pushpa Alankaaram, with dried grapes and kalkandu offerings!!

Vamana Saligrama Moorthi sporting Sandanam and Kunkumam

Close-up of the Acharyas

Alwars and Acharyas

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