Sri Kazhiyur Varadan dasan - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
last updated 27th August 2013

Salagrama trip experiences by Sri Varadan Sep-Octí2006

Chanting hymns before the temple @ Muktinath, Nepal. The temperature was 4 degrees celsius . We were at an altitude of 14000 feet

The holy gandaki river water gushing from the 108 gomukhis was ice cold and taking a shower under this was like ice hammering on our heads

The gandaki river among the peaks ..trekking on this hills was truly memorable

Another view of gandaki river

en route to temple

Guest house

Check post

Getting down at Jomson airport from a charter flight

Adiyen Ramanuja dasan ,
All glories to Vaishnava Acharyas Dandavats Pranams and Hare Krishna,
Thank you very much for the page . Its LORDs abundant mercy adiyen is been given an opportunity to glorify the LORDSHIPS in your page .
Prabhuji , The link what I have pasted was taken in 2010 when i had few silas , I had made a salagrama mala ( 108) and adorned to our LORDSHIPS at Temple ( all sree shilas were Hiranyagarbha) U can see those pics in this link

as shown below

Adiyen will also share the latest links and movie recordings also .Meanwhile pls have a look of the Thirumanjanam of Silas
recently done by Asmatch Acharyar Sri Sri Mudaliaandan swamy direct disciple of Sripada Ramanuja

The sree shaligrama shila who is being given a holy bath amidst chanting of Taitriya Upanishad along with Sree Krishna deity and the sudarshan chakra and panchajanyam that is adorned while performing Samaashranayam. The shaligrama shila has a very special feature .He is Sudarshan chakra as well as Sri Panchajanyam. Another important leela of HIM ( SREE MOORTHY SHILA ) is he travelled to all the 106 Vaishnava Divya desamas along with the devotee on a motor bike .This devotee from Vrindavan was kind enough to give me 54 saligrama shilas too .Amazing thing is He had also been to Damodar kund and has shared his travel experiences in Tamil in this link .( This is being translated in English soon for devotees intrest )

Description of Damodar kund in Tamil

The holy bath of the Unique Shila link is here

Thirumanjanam to Sree Morthy at Thiruvengadam , Secunderabad (click on pic)

Asmath Acharyar gives a try with Khol during bhajanai at Thiruvengadam , Hyderabad

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