Khela Tirtha dasa - DAS - Auckland, NZ
last updated 14th March 2012


26th April 2011

I have tried to dress Madhava in the right colour for the right day for example white on Monday, Green for Wednesday , dark for Saturday
Also according to ekadasi, Dvadasi etc like pink/red for ekadasi etc
So 1 thru 7 is the week in order of colour{if you know what I mean?}
and then theres some extra random pix after the first 7 .


5th October 2007

Lord Madhava, Krishna the original avatari Who expands in so many pleasing forms to protect His devotees and kill the demons.

As Gopal

As Govinda tending His cows

As Vanamali with nice Vrindavan marigold flower garlands

As Krishna, with bluish hue

Grrrrrrrrrrr as Lord Nrsimhadev

at dusk.......Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr roarrrrrrrr !!!!

As charming Shyamasundar

on Balaram Jayanti expanded as Baladev

as Rasabihari prepared for His evening rasalila

Lord Madhava happily with friends - 2006

Lord Madhava taking on the form of Nrsimhadev for Nrsimha Chaturdasi 2006

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