Kusum Sarova devi dasi - Bon Acceuil, Flacq, Mauritius
last updated 7th October 2013

3 years of MAnoharA

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October 2013
July 2013
February 2013
Our deities.. @ home... the princes of Gopi dots... :) pics HERE
Sharad Purnima 2012 pics HERE


my smallest saligram belongs to my great grandfather, the chakra i got it as goft from Vrindavan , and Manohara also , he rather came as a guest but is here till now, the Shiva linga is a gift from Reunion Island , though He is from Narmada.. if am missing something please let me know... My parents are devotees since teens, they got married in India by Pr Deena Bandhu , am their only daughter , born as vaishnavi.. I have many more deities.. but the saligrams are worshiped everyday.. 2 hours maximum per day..

Special emblem / features are ..
The smallest saligram has forms of : Matsya , Kurma , Narsimhadev , Jaganath and radha raman.. Before worship He was simply plain.. also He has a Shrivatsa mark.. He is almost the size of an amla.. and has Blue Saphire coloured garlands around at the back with creamy mark in front.. We used to call Him HariHara.. before Lord Jaganath appeared on it.. for it is double faced.. but now almost 5 faced!

Manohara has many marks on Him, a face of a calf, a plough , cow prints and 1 form which is stil unclear.. His smile and eyes are almost drawn on HIm...

Chakra has a yellow tinge by the side.

Shiva has a "tulasi" mark that we have on tilak on us on Him.. so He is a real Vaishnava.. when rotating Him, we can also see he is of different shade, grey , pink, red and brown ..


HH Bhakti Visram Madhava maharaj's Kanaih Balaih Govardhan silas

HH Bhakti Visram Madhava maharaj's Kanaih Balaih Govardhan silas


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