Laksman Muni dasan - Malaga, Spain
last updated 26th April 2017



5th August 2014

Complete altar.

Sri Venkateswara (my pradhana Murti), Sri Devi and Sri Bhumi Devi.

Srila Prabhupada (my first murti)



Matsya avatar


Pradhana Saligrama in his asana.

My Pradhana Salagrama sila whith real jwelers, silver and gold. behind, you can see a Navaratna ring and pendants, and in the left side near sila, Shiva (rudra) eye pendant.
This slagrama sila was giving me for a Muktinath Purohit, in the Muktinath Dhama temple in Himalayas. He told me  (Pujari) this is a Lakshmi-Narayana salagrama sila.

 Lakshmi -Narayana Salagrama sila.

This sila was giving me also, for Muktinath temple purohit. He told me that is a Hirnyagharbha Salagrama sila (Visnú).

These Silas were taken by myself  in Gandaki river.

This photo My bigs Saligramas.

small saligramas and my pradhana saligrama.

One local person in Muktinath Dhama. You can open and to see inside.

Small chakra silas, whith Dwarka sila.

This Sila was given to me in Vrindavan Dhama. Is an Ananta Sesa Salagrama.

I worship also these yantras. You can see above Narasimha Yantra. Down (left side Hanuman yantra) and (right side) Sudarshana chakra yantra.

This is my Brahma ring. We have to use for poojas or Yajñas.

my homa spoons, and my big pradipa for aratik.

Nrisimhadeva From Ahobilam. I worship this murti everyday.

Ugra-Nrisimha from Mayapur.

Sri-Sri Gaura Nitay.

Sri Sudarshana Chakra.

Devatas altar. 2 Ganesh murtis, 4 Shivalingams, Durga murti, Kali maa murti, Rudra nataraja murti, Nava-graha yantra, Jule lal photo (was giving to me from Jule lal comunity in Madrid, in their temple).
Little pot with Rudrakshas.  3 mukhis rudraksha (Agni), 4 mukhis Rudraksha (Brahma), 5 mukhis Rudraksha (Shiva), 6 mukhis Rudraksha (Karttikeya).

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