Madhava dasa - La Crosse, Florida FL, USA
last updated 15th February 2016

As I was decorating Giriraja this morning, I heard this prayer and was happy that I had chosen to decorate with Radha-Kunda tilak (dots over His eyebrows and elsewhere...) Splashes...
praty-asam me tvam kuru govardhana purnam
O hill splashed by the high waves of Radha'-kunda, O Govardhana, please fulfill my desires.


9th February 2016

Cold morning, but toasty, sheltered and nourished inside...


31st December 2015

Purchased some new paint brushes yesterday. Tried some new varieties and able to offer finer lines as ornaments.


27th November 2015

I have a long list of things I could be grateful for, but atop of my list will be that I can do this (see below) every day.
To live in the shade and shelter of Giriraja and Tulasi--offering menial seva--I can see nothing to equal that mercy upon our family. Have a wonderful day!


15th June 2015

6/14 Okay, I had a blast this morning... Our first 6 petaled champaka of the season. Flowers and Tulasi in many varieties.
Purusottama adhika masa starts this week. One statement from the Puranas is to offer 100,000 Tulasi leaves... I don't think I can do that.
Today 300 manjaris with an average of 4 leaves... 1,200... x 30? It's the thought that counts...


1st June 2015

5/31/15 Gaura outfit! I got as far as you can see with painting Giriraja this morning. I had 5 more colors laid out with "big" pseudo-artistic plans...
But after the yellow, I sat gazing at Him as He sat looking at me... He captivated me and I did not go further. He is purna, full. Nothing I could do could ever complete Him anyway.

29th May 2015

5/28/15 Gardinias, roses, champakas and jasmine are all very nice... But there is nothing in this world more satisfying than the ability to serve and offer unlimited amounts of Tulasi.
One of Her eight names is Puspasara, the essence of all flowers. May we always be able to serve Her.

kvaham parah sata-nikrty-anuviddha-cetah
sankalpa esa sahasa kva su-durlabhe’rthe
eka krpaiva tava mam ajahaty upadhi-
sunyeva mantum adadhaty agater gatir me

O Srimati Tulasi Devi, how low I am, my heart pierced by hundreds of offenses! How exalted and difficult to attain is my aspiration! Your causeless mercy is my only hope.
It is by Your mercy that I, who am so fallen, can have these desires in my thoughts.


1st May 2015

April is over, gardinia blooms keep on coming


7th November 2014

Happy Karttika Purnima! Jai Tulsi-Shaligrama Vivah!
Because of work today, I could not perform the Tulasi Shaligrama Vivah like last year, but here is a picture from last year.

On this auspicious day the sacred marriage ceremony of Lord Vishnu to Srimati Vrindadevi, an eternal associate of the Lord took place. The Lord’s form of Shaligram- shila is very sacred and worshipped by the brahmanas in their homes, and Tulsi (Vrindadevi) is married to this form of Lord Vishnu.
Srimati Tulsidevi is an expansion of Srimati Vrindadevi, the Vrindavana gopi in charge of arranging the details of Radha and Krsna’s lila. By doing this she feels the greatest joy. She renders service to Krsna
by being offered to His lotus feet.
The Lord appreciates the service of Srimati Tulsidevi more than the service of Lakshmi because Lakshmi, although stationed at the chest of Vishnu, sometimes has to go to satisfy His numerous devotees whereas Tulsidevi (Tulsi leaves) when placed on the lotus feet of the Lord remain fixed and never forsake her service position.
By the mercy, Vrindadevi has appeared in this material world as the Tulsi plant, giving us a chance to serve her and to beg her to bestow upon us her greatest boon – devotional service to the Supreme Lord. The Supreme Lord benedicted Tulsi by saying that He will not accept anything offered to Him unless Tulsi leaves are placed on the offerings.
In the Skanda-Purana, it is stated that: “Simply by seeing or touching Tulsi tree one can become relieved from all distress and diseases. Simply by offering obeisances to and pouring water on the Tulsi tree, one can become freed from the fear of being sent to the court of Yamaraja. If someone sows a Tulsi tree somewhere, certainly he becomes devoted to Lord Krsna. And when the Tulsi leaves are offered in devotion at the lotus feet of Krsna, there is full development of love of Godhead.”
--Karttika Mahatmya

Celebrated our annual Giriraja festival. So many wonderful devotees came. My obeisances hundreds and hundreds of times


3rd September 2014

Happy Service Day! A day off from labor to do some extra service


Happy Janmastami Everyone


19th May 2014


21st April 2014

4/20/14 Special guests. A special morning with a special guest. Thank you Syamala Kishori Dasi for allowing me to serve the Giriraja to Whom you belong. (6 photos)


17th March 2014

Gaura Purnima darshan 2014

31st December 2013

A Tulasi turban...

A Tulasi turban...


29th December 2013


9th December 2013

Love at first sight!!!! Jayaaaa Giriraj Maharaj!!!!!!


18th November 2013

Tulasi Salagram Vivaha (marriage) 2013

the groom - Sri Salagram ji

11th November 2013

Was a good party... 11/9/13, Annual Sri Giriraja Festival


29th August 2013

Sri Krishna Janmastami


1st July 2013


24th June 2013

6/23/13 We've had a champaka tree for 6 years, never gave any flowers. It is our biggest tree, 9 ft tall, I had forgotten it was a large yellow champaka variety...
Giving like no tomorrow now... These are its first, but full of buds...


29th May 2013


20th May 2013


22nd April 2013


Willington, Connecticut, USA
12th December 2011

14th February 2011

Marigold loka

Chandan yatra

Janmastami 2010

Anniversary of Giriraja coming into our lives - November 2010

Yesterday we had a program and invited friends to bless us in our continued seva to Sri Giriraja Giridhari.


Govardhan puja 2009


Tulasi maharani's winter house



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