Mahasamaha devi dasi - Serbia
last updated 10th July 2015

The new pictures are Radha Giridhari and Giriraja  who is also Radha - Krishna but in one form. They all came to me in 2012.

Giriraja is very special,  very merciful and kind. He has a footprint of Radha and of Krishna on the bottom of the shila.

5th March 2011

my main shila's name is Sri Radha Murlidhar, and there is also a very special One: Pavana Narasimha, and then Balaram Radha Krishna, a very sweet little shila; Sudharsan shila, Kurmadeva, Matsya, two Jagannath shilas: Mahavisnu Jagannath and Sridhara Jagannath, Sri Venkatesvara

Interesting, but Radha Murlidhar started resembling Radha Raman Ji, isn't it so?

Radha Murlidhar looks royal with this new crown :-)


Pavana Narasimha enjoying His new black & silver tulasi necklaces

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