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Gaura Purnima


7th November 2010

Govardhana Puja with my Treasure

from Manjari devi dasi's Facebook page


From Album "My Treasure"

2006 Janmastami

2008 Xmas

2009 Xmas

Giriraja on Holy Name Day

Xmas with Giriraja. I baked Him some honey-cake (mézeskalács). Everyone is having fun, He shouldn't be left out.

Vrindavana is the image of Krishna’s innermost being and is thus most mysterious, stunningly beautiful,
steeped in mellows, charmingly variegated, and at once majestic and sweet.

Syama kedvéért

My Star

Nyílik az orgona

Wish I could post the fragrance

On Braja's request

By Taralaksi's kindness Giriraja has a new backdrop and lots of new parrot friends.

kalan nastam bhakti-yogam nijam yah
praduskartum krsna-caitanya-nama
avirbhutas tasya padaravinde
gadham gadham liyatam citta-bhrngah

Let my consciousness, which is like a honeybee, take shelter of the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who has just now appeared as Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu to teach the ancient system of devotional service to Himself. This system had almost been lost due to the influence of time.

Who will not take shelter of Govardhana Hill, the best of mountains, the friend of Gokula, the charming bumblebee that for seven days stood on the graceful whorl of the lotus flower of Lord Krsna's hand and protected Vraja from the mouth of the Indra-crocodile raining a great monsoon?

2 days ago I saw Syamasundara had pompon tassels on His turban so I thought Giriraja would sure love them...

My Giriraja


below are a couple of pics from the Album "Govardhan Puja 2009" pics

Govardhana Lala's new chariot

The altar at the goshala made of goshala produce.

Lal ate the offering from the top of a ship-cake of which He was the captain

And then He sat on a halava hill so that we could circumambulate Him singing the Giri pujeyam song

A marzipan pavilion just like the ones in the NVD holy places

Giridhari with Giriraja on His palm

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