Matsya Avatara dasa - Vrindavan India - Brisbane Australia

Presently has 17 Shalagrams that worships daily, but will be visiting the Kali Gandaki March 2002......

On the right at the back is a big sila from the ugra stambha in Ahovalam, in front of him is "Santi Nrsmhadeva" notice his tawny colour.... the Dvaraka sila and the salagram next to each other are the presiding deities Radha-Rasika Raya  .. behind them is Sesa on the left and a double cakra salagram on the right.. The big group on the left are of different types and names.. noticable is the beautiful smile on the one on the front left.. I call him Bala Gopala because he reminds me of Kumara Krsna...

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