Pradeep Balakrishnan prabhu
last updated 20th February 2005

Krishna Saligram

Kurma Saligram

Rama Saligram

Sanatan Gopal Saligram

Srigopa Saligram

Sri Govinda Saligram

Sudarshan Saligram

Surya Saligram

Suryanarayana Saligram

Varaha Saligram

Front Row (Left to Right)

Shiva Linga salagrama (Om Namashivaya)
Sri Varaha Murti Ki Jaya (need to find one what kind of Sri Varaha Bhagvan he is?).
Sri Maha Ganesh (Prashna sastra said he is Uru Ganapathi (one who goes from place to place with or without invitation).
Sri Raja Gopal (Prashna Sastra). I can see a face but when placed in that position the silas falls to a side, so I keep him like shown)

Second Row (Left to Right)
Kalpavrisha - However we think he can be Sri Anantha Sesha or Sri Narasimha Bhagvan) Need your help here.
Sri BalaRam (on the Sri Yantra)- I used to pray him as "Om Bala Ramaya Namah" and my wife said is he Sri Ram or Sri Krishna's brother Ram? I am confused.
Sri Lakshmi Narayan ki Jaya(On the Sri Yantra)
Sri Matsya Bhagvan ki jaya (on the Sri Yantra)

Third Row (Left to Right)
Shiva Shakthi (Prasna Sasthra) - Om Shiva Shakthi Shivaya Namah!
Sri Lakshmi Narayana Ki Jaya (on the Sri Yantra back row)
Sri Ishwarya Lakshmi (Prasna Sastra) - Om Aim Kleem Saum
Sri Sudarshana Narasimha Murthy ki Jaya

Standing yantra on the back is Maha Devi Sri Maha Lakshmi. She keeps all my silas calm and happy.

I pray for protecting me from doing pappa and ask him to make sure that me and my vamsam are ever HIS pure devotees.

Altar Photo Altar.JPG (From Left to Right)
Narmada Shiv Lingam - Om Namo Bhagvathe Rudraya Namah!
Sri Maha Devi Parvathi
Behind them is the Maha Mrituynjaya Yantram

Sri Maha Vishnu - Om Namo Bhagvathe Vasudevaya Namah!
Sri Maha Lakshmi in a coin form!
Behind them is the Sri Keshava yantra (he has sanka in his behind right hand and chakra in the back left hand. He has Lotus flower in the front right hand and Gadha in the front left hand). This yantra and the 9 statues in front of the Lord was given to me by a Sanyasi from Andra Pradesh in India.

Sri Sri Salagrama Silas with Maha Devi
Sri Rama Yantra and Sri Dhanvanthri Murti Bhagvan yantra

In the tray I have Sri Srinivasa Perumal with Boomi devi and Maha devi as his constors. Sri Hanumanji and a right hand conch shell.

Subh Dinam Astu!

Sri KrishArpanamastu!

Hari Om!

A trying servant of the Lord!

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