Premavilas dasa - Brisbane, Australia
last updated 18th August 2009


And group photos to put everyone again in perspective.

here is our Govardhan-sila.
We got Him 7 years ago from a Brajavasi pujari in Govardhan.

This salagrama was suggested by someone to be some form of Narasimha. He is quite flat, you can lie Him on one side or the other. On one side he has this very interesting mark, like a tilak, or a hood of Ananta Sesa or.......On the other side there is open mouth and inside you can see chakras.
This salagrama was given to Rami by his Guruji in South India and must have been worshipped for some time before, however Rami couldn't remember what form of the Lord He is.

This salagram is very beautiful. Suggested to be Laskmi Narayan. He is oval/ egg shape, extremely smooth (after oiling shines like a glass ball) and has only tiny perforations with no other features.

When I got this salagram, it didn't have a name and hasn't been recognised by previous devotee worshipping Him.
Recently though I had a flash of "enlightement" that it could be Varahadev!
As you can see on the pictures, he is fairly large, pretty heavy, longish. The main feature is His mouth and on both sides of the mouth are markings like tusks (?).

This salagram is definitely the biggest question mark for me.
He is round, size of a wallnut and the main and the only feature is this long, white, hollow mark. Very, very distinctive, yet somehow nothing comes to my mind.

Another distinctive form of the Lord.
With calf's hoofprint must be Krsna-sila!
He is nearly perfectly round, except on top He has sligt bump.

This is very nice salagrama. He looks like a perfect one.
He is of a size of a walnut, perfectly round, with a slightly  flat base.
No specific features and no name for HIm yet !

This salagrama was suggested to be Lord Rama.
He is very smooth, kind of rectangular. On one side has white line, like a brahmana thread.

This salagram was suggested to be Radha-Krsna salagram.

This is our favourite salagram. He was suggested to be Padmanabha.
He is very smooth, small,perfectly round and has nice, deep mouth as you can see on the photos.

This sila was suggested to be Lord Hayagriva.

This sila was suggested by one devotee to be Dvaraka Krsna-sila .
He is flat and as you can see on one side He is pretty smooth and on the other side He has a lot of small holes and different markings.

Obviously Dvaraka-sila. Do they have differnt forms, depending on count of chakras? He is pretty reddish as you can see.

For a change somebody 100% obvious and recognised.
This is another sila given by Rami and he was given Him by his guruji in South India.
Sudarshan -dev ki Jai!

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