Raghavendra Batni - NadaSudha - Washington DC, USA.
last updated 17th October 2008

My upaasanaa muurti-s are two:  Venkateshwara and Narasimha.   Likewise,  I am Blessed with two sons - whom I named after my upaasanaa muurti-s.  The big shaalagraam at back is a bhuu-garbha shaalagraama,  the one at center is shrii lakshmi narasimha shaalagraama.  I also have a number of others:  shriii vEnkaTEsha shAlagrAma, kuurma shAllagrAma, hayagriiva shAlagrAma, more narasimha shalagraama-s, ananta-shAlagrAma, vAsudEva shAlagrAma, yogiisha shAlagrAma,  dwaarakaa chakra,  tirupati-chakra (impression in guDa sharkara of the Lord's chakra center of the muula-viraaT at tirupamala temple),  tiny balamuri shankha,  etc.   It is my dream to have 24-kShEtra viShESha lakShaNa shAlagrAma-s in my home for my daily worship.  In part fulfillment of this, my wife's Uncle has gifted me 24-kShEtra-s of "ratna-garbha & niila garbha shAlagrAma-s".  I'm still praying for more shAlagrAma-s though.

I love to be traditionally dressed and general remain in this attire while at home:  bare-chested with the dvaadasha-uurdhva-puNDra-s and pancha-mudra-s showing our vaiShNava chihna, dressed in maDi (silk dhOti) with kacchaa, with many many vaiShNava maalaa-s around my neck coming down to my navel in length.  I always wear three yagnOpaviitam-s - made in Shrii-Rangam (one for myself, one for my wife, and another for the uttariiya).  I have also grown a 'shikhaa' as part of my adherence to our traditions.  Hence, the attire you see in the pics are not just for these photographs,  they are indeed how I am while I am at home.

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