Raja Murari (rajalingam) Ramanuja dasan - Malaysia
last updated 9th July 2013



By the mercy of the Lord and the devotees I now have received Govinda, Sudarshana, and Lakshmi Narayana, and then I receive another 2 Shaligrama sila which one is Narasimha (which there is visible mark of the wide opening with cakra inside and 2 eyes and a line on the top portion looks like a snake and also on the bottom there is a mark more alike the palm of Narasimha)  The other one is Lakshmi Narayana.

Lakshmi Narayana


Govinda (left) Lakshmi-narayana (right side)

Hare Krishna,
Dear Prabhuji,

As you are aware that I was having the desire to worship of Shaligrama shila before coming to Iskcon.I got few knowledge and understanding while I was subscribing to the Dvaita list which was Madhva Sampradayaa groups.And while I was reading the article I discover alot amazing and interesting site and the that Vishnu is so merciful to appear in the form of Shaligrama Shila and bless his devotee.At that time I was also reading HDG Srila Prabhupada books such as BG,Bhagavatam,Golden Avatar of Lord Caitanya etc which was given to me by my late father.By the blessing of HDG I was able to associate with the Iskcon devotee and start going in the Iskcon Website where your Website was one of my interesting site and also I was able to gain huge amount of information.So I started in my heart praying to Lord Krishna to show me how I secure a shaligrama shila.After 3 years I was able to communicate to one of the Nepali and was able to get 2 Shaligrama shila who is Govindaji and Lakshmi Narayana.After another week I was surfing your Website to gain knowledge  and I came across the site whereby mentioning that any purchase of puja item from their shop and if anyone request for a Shaligrama Shila they will give a Shaligrama shila.I grab this opportunity to purchase few Japa Mala and request for a Nrsimha Shaligrama Shila and I was very fortunate to obtain 2 Shaligarama Shila as you have  mention one is Lakshmi-Mahadamstra and another Lakshmi Narayana.Now days I use to bring my Shaligrama shila when ever my Lord Jagannath is going since I am having a a bigger size of Lord Jagannath.And the devotee in my area are all very happy because this is the first time they have life view of a Shaligrama Shila and I am very happy to do this kind of service.By doing this small favor nowadays whenever there is weekly program in the Temple I am attending the devotee are requesting to bring the Shaligarama Shila.


Vaishnava Dasan
Raja Murari Das

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