Sahadevan - Sacisuta dasa - Malaysia
last updated 31st December 2012

O Govardhana, O philanthropist that gives transcendental happiness to Vraja's people, animals, and birds, all anointed with the nectar of friendship for zrI zrI RAdhA-KRSNa surrounded by Their friends, out of Your immeasurable mercy, please accept unhappy me and please grant me residence near you.

raj bhoga. Rice with bindi sabji, palak panir, chinese cabbage with tahfu skin mix, , spiced carrot vada, vada coated with thick brown sugar and papad.

 raj bhoga lunch prasad. Rice with panir curry, kofta balls soaked in spiced tomato source , deep fried spinach pakora, ladys finger pakora, brinjal and long beans pakora,
purple cabbage sabji and finally yogurt. Jai sri radhesyam

Curry mee for lunch. Surely will fall asleep after eating it:-P

Pasta with orange juice or dinner:-)

ekadasi dinner prasad


dinner prasad. Puri with potato sabji, and samosa

Hamsa duta soup with rice for lunch


10th September 2012


4th August 2011


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