Shyama Hari dasa - Dubai, UAE

I was very eager to do abhishek to Shaligram and worship them.    ......which came to mind when I saw the shaligrams of HH B.B.Govinda Swami.   I approached him and received his advise where to get. When I visited India in the year 2002  I requested from many  priests of   various temples to give me a Shaligram sila if they are in possession. I could not get  from them and at last when I visited Kanchipuram one priest told me they are available in the temple shop. I rushed and purchased the two shaligram silas  both are identical ( when I bought they looked both same, now one looks bigger than the other) I really do not know how to identify the silas. But I am meditating the one little bigger as the Lord Balaram and little smaller as the Lord Krishna. The both sila - only little difference in size but on the top they have a opening ( depression) with a cakara. The depth at the top is about 7-8mm with a chakra and 1cm dia opening.

Then few months later I received one more sila from  my god brother HG Balaram Krishna Das.

    Description:  This is little oval shape. There are two parts, I could remove in two portions. On both parts there are conch shell and a chakra    where small portion of the sila sits on the Big portion. Could see the chakra edges when both portions are put together.    In the photograph edges of cakara is visible . When I give a bath, I open the sila into two, and bathe them making four silas, wipe them and put both parts of the sila together.


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