Sri Kari devi dasi and Giri Govardhan - Auckland NZ

Giri Govardhan was given to me by my spiritual master HH Indradyumna Swami.

When Srila Indradyumna Swami personally handed me one of his Govardhana Silas he said with conviction, "you are very fortunate to be worshipping Sri Giri Govardhana". He told me he had been worshipped for approximately five hundred years and commented that some elevated personalities must have been worshipping Him. He then showed me the reddish tinge on Giri Govardhan's side which shows that Lalita Sakhi is also present in his form. This all happened in wonderful Jagannatha Puri where Giri Govardhana had most recently been worshipped in the temple of Jagadananda Pandit under the care of two Vaishnava twin brothers.

".......may I have the Vaishava blessings to serve Him with love", your servant,
Sri Kari dasi


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