Sri Mati Moushumi Devi, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India
last updated 7th May 2012

Narasimha Chatirdashi


10th December 2011

the first photo is of the whole alter

second of Sri Lakshmi-Narasimha.

third is of Sri Radha Govind ji.

fourth one is of the Simhasana of Narayan Shilas (as Shaligrams commonly known in Bengal).

the last snap is an old snap of my lovely Ladu GOpal and Shaligrams.

the first picture is taken from the front side.

Shaligram has an opening in the upper portion of His body

the second one showing the opening with a small Chakra inside, only one Chakra.

3rd and 4th a close up of the mouth.

3rd and 4th a close up of the mouth.

the 5th image is that of the Lower portion of the Shila which is flat and several marks on it.

the last image is of the Right hand side of the Shila when we see it from the front...its also has many marks.

the first 2 photos are of one Shaligram's front and back side, Rajiv ji claimed that HE is Madhav ji. Although i dont know about His name but i really love this Shila.

the 3rd picture is of a Hiranyagarbha Shaila- He has a small Golden mark at the centre of His Body.

this Shila is given by a priest of local HARI MANDIR, i ask him for a Shila and he immidiately offer me this Shila, without any exchange, he told me that all other shilas in the temple belongs to families who could not offer Serviece to the LOrd for various reasons, only this small 1 and half inch Shila belongs to the Temple. I think He is Damodar or Vaman. He has a small opening and two very smmall chakras.

Here is a picture of a Shila kindly given by a Madhva Brahmin at Gaya. His name is Mantralaya Ramacharya, he has taken some ammount of donation for a Hanuman temple built by him at Gaya in exchange of This Shila. I think its ok, because donating money for a temple construction is good.

This is a Lakshmi Narasimha shila, because the openings has Two clear Chakras on the left side.

1. These are my Narmadeshwar Shiva lingam at the morning of Narasimha Chaturdashi, after Abhisekha.

2. Lakshmi Narasimha before Abhisekha.

 Damodar ji in front of The Simhasana of other Shilas.

 Damodar Shila showing the characteristic golden thread like mark, as mentioned in Sri Hari-bhakti Vilasa.

 A close up of Damodar Shila, notice two joined Chakras indide the Mouth.

 The whole alter after the Puja.

 Naivaidyam-Payasam and Narasimha's favorite Panakam.
 Lord in a happy mood after the Panchamrita Abhisekham.

 Damodar ji with Sringar.

 Shaligram Simhasana.


 Our Griha Lakshmi deity-Mata Lakshmi ji.

Janmastami Photo 2010

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