Sri Prahlad dasa - N. Sydney, NSW, Australia
last updated 22nd January 2014

On my recent visit to Vrindavan I found Indradyumna Maharaja's deity of Govinda was wearing my deity Govindaji's gold crown that had been missing for some eight years. Indradyumna gave me Govindaji (a Govardhana sila) along with the crown 16 years ago. Apparently, this was one of the first times Vrindavan Govinda had worn the crown. He inspired his pujari to dress him with it on the day that I was visiting. In the photo below you can see my Govindaji wearing the crown again, along with his new Kukui Nut garland from Hawaii.

26th August 2013

This afternoon the sun shone through my window and painted an incredible rainbow backdrop behind Radha Govindaji (Govardhana Shila). I took a couple of photos to share this beautiful darshan with all of my friends.

Suryaji offers Radha Govinda a rainbow backdrop

At the Lotus feet of Sri Sri Nitai-Nimai Sundara are (from your left looking at Them) Gopisvar mahadev, who was given to Sri Prahlad while he was taking a dip in a Holy kund somewhere in India by a young Indian sadhu; Nrsimhadev, given to him by HH Indradyumna Swami; behind Him is Giriraj - He is either worshipped by Sri Prahlad or his wife Rukmini Priya mataji, other that Govardhan we don't know where He came from.

In the centre is the large black form of Gopinath, Who was a gift to Rukmini Priya mataji from  HH Indradyumna Maharaj; next to Himis Govardhan hill again, don't know wherefrom, in front of the King of mountains is Sri Hari, given to Sundara Gauranga dasa (who is providing this information) ny a brahmin boy in Mayapur in 1998, and is temporarily being looked after by Sri Prahlad prabhu until the time is right. Centre stage is OPrahlad's life and soul - the white Giriraj given to him by HH Indradyumna Maharaj who was given Him by HH Sivaram Swami. Apparently He is from a time when streams flowed on Govardhan Hill, hence His smoothness.

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