Srutakirti dasa - ACBSP - Hillsborough, NC, USA
last updated 3rd January 2016

Happy New Year! Our Boy today

3rd December 2015

My sweet Lord.

My Govardhan - my inspiration!

23rd April 2015

Photos of Govardhan last year on Chandan yatra, the first day I began to take care of Him and yesterday....
Happy Anniversary Govardhan and thank You for tolerating our imperfect service. Our life is sweet and happy with You!

12th April 2015

Steppin' Out! with His new turban made by Jaya Radhe devi dasi

4th May 2014

Today, Chandan Yatra, is a special day for us, now more than ever. Over the last few weeks we had to pack up and leave our home in Govardhan. It was our residence since we got married 3 yrs ago today. We had a fire sacrifice at the base of Govardhan Hill with our family members. He has been our shelter ever since and the thought of leaving Him has been horrible. So, we did the only thing we could to relieve our suffering. We brought Him with us. Today we began to officially take care of Him; even we are in Hillsborough, NC we are back in Govardhan and happy.

Girigovardhan ki jaya!

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