.......to ALL those devotees who have been so helpful in assisting with this Web-site: 

There have been so many who have helped in many ways to encourage and enthuse us to get it together and keep things going. There have been others who brought to us, or other devotees, Shilas from the Holy Dhams, thanks for that. Those who have sent in pictures and or articles, all so much appreciated by all of us - Thank You.

Thanks to Param Seva prabhu for his technical help with photographs etc., hope you have a safe journey.

There have also been those who have financially supported us to allow this to happen (some have asked to be kept "anony-mouse", you know who you are - thank you anyway) Vikram and Aasha Murthy, and the Methas; Ekendra prabhu in Perth who initially set up www.hknet.org.nz  under the auspices of Tirtharaj prabhu (who so kindly provided the space for it until it got too big for him to handle); Saci Suta prabhu who organized the initial DNS for that site; and Hrisikeshananda prabhu who has set up and paid for the www.salagram.net site for us to work out of. The mirror site www.hknet.org.nz has been kindly paid for by Yagnesh Rajani prabhu until 2007.

Krishna has been very kind in sending us such good devotees to help in these ways.
We're very much indebted to you all.

I humbly pray that the Lord bestow all good things upon you all.

Sri Krishnarpanamastu
yhs, JTCd ( Websevak )