Tanumadhya dasa ACBSP - UK & Vrindavan, India
last updated 4th November 2010

My Worshipfull Dieties, Sri Salagrama Prabhu, Sri Dvarakadisa Prabhu and Sri Sri Laxmi Narasimha Deva

I currently have 18 Silas all of which I recieved as gifts from either Brijbasis or from people whom I met while Traveling and Preaching in India and Nepal who were selling them. They sell Salagrams for only a few Rupees, but I tell them that the Shastras state that this is not good and is Aparadha. I tell them that I desire to worship the Lord and beg for their mercy in the form of the donation of Sri Salagrama Prabhu. Sometimes they give, but most times they are interested only in Paisa.

Sri Narasimha Deva

I have a small Dvaraka Sila, Sri Dvaradisa which one devotee found while bathing in the ocean at Dvaraka Dhama and kindly gave to me.

I recieved Sri Narasimha Prabhu while in Laksman Jula attending the Kumba Mella.
I was desiring to worship Sri Narasimha and He Mercifully Appeared to fllfill my desire...



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