From the notes on Uttama Sloka dasa's Facebook page (used with permission)

Giriraja helps devotee to go to Vrindavan

This particular pastime happend in London,when I stayed there for a very long time (nine months - never stayed that long anywhere on the planet for the past 15 years!). In Russia I requested one devotee to take care of Deities at the temple for one year and I promiced to pay for his trip to Vrindavan as a reciprocation from my side.He was doing service in our society for long time (more than 10 years)and always wanted to go to Vrindavan,but never got the opportunity. I personally feel that it's a very wrong thing to do - use devotees' services in different ways and not to take care of them.This is the main reason why we loose so many people.And for devotees - going to holy places in India on regular bases is a very important part of their spiritual growth.That's why Srila Prabhupada demanded that it's done every year and wanted temple authorities to pay for these trips. Anyway,I discussed with this devotee that he does his service untill spring (Gaura Purnima) and then I'll buy his ticket to India.But he got the news that his Guru is going to conduct parikramas for Karttika and contacted me with the request to send him there. Even though it was not part of our agreement - I felt that I should try to help him,as the accociation with the spiritual master would be a great source of his inspiration.But the difficulty was that I was suppose to leave London in 3 days time and the only source of funds for me was book distribution.I did not had any extra laxmi to give him and for me to collect about $1000 in three days did not seem to be real - I'm just an average book distributor. I told him that I'll try my best but he should also pray for me,because it's very unlikely that I can collect that much in such a short time. Next day I had late morning due to late night program with Russian devotees in London,served Giriraja,prayed that I can be successful with my book distribution and donations for this devotee and went on a bus to go through the city looking out for a good book distribution spot. As I did not finish chanting my rounds in the morning - I was chanting on the bus.But because I did not had enough rest at night,very soon I fell asleep with japa beads in my hands. I was dressed as devotee - this is my normal dress for many years,since my Gurudev requested me to do so. Through my dream I felt that someone is staring at me very closely and opened my eyes.It was an Indian (Gujarati) grandmother who was standing right opposite me,looking right at me and smiling.I naturally felt uncomfortable,since she saw me sleeping while chanting,which is not a good example for a spiritual person.But she apparently had no problems with that. Rather she handed me 5 pounds,which was a shock for me.I was even hesitant to take the money,but she insisted that she wanted to give me the donation.

I took it ang gave her a book and some prasadam.She was very happy with that,wnet back to her seat and told something to her neighbour,another Gujarati granny,pointing out at me.As a result she also came to me with another 5 pounds donation.Nothing like that ever happen to me.I did not made any attempts to distribute books - people were approaching themselves! I looked around the bus,trying to understand what's going on and saw that the whole bus is full of Gujaratis.The bus happened to pass trough one of the dence populated Gujarati area.This is the richest Indian community on the planet,who are traditionally very pious,generous and most of them are also devotees of Krishna.I thought that I could start to do book distribution right on the bus,but hesitated as it was something illegal to do.But when I looked at the driver through his back mirror - he was also Gujarati and he winked at me with approval! I understood that he will have absolutely no problems if I distribute boooks on his bus.So I went ahead and collected a substantial amount of donations right on the bus already and even more so when I coninued in the area.At the end of a day I had almost half of the required $1000 in pounds equivalent and got much more extra on the remaining two days,coninuing distribution in the area.That gave the devotee very easy opporunity to fullfill his desire to see his spiritual master in Vrindavan. That shows how important it is for devotees to visit the holy places.Not only Srila Prabhupada and all our prsent day Gurus want it,but also The Lord Himself makes all the arrangements for one,who sincerely desires to come and visit Him in His eternal abode.


Another story from New Zealand.

I was coming there on the 11 hours nonstop flight from Japan and first we landed for a short stopover at the Christchurch airport to get extra fuel before reaching our final destination at Auckland.

My back and all my bones were hurting from sitting for such a long time and I took the opportunity to have a little walk at the airport waiting lounge.In there I saw the special massage chairs and thought that these would be perfect to help me recover from the flight.

But it costed two New Zealand dollars per massage and I left all my money on the plane.Besides that I did not had any local currency on me anyway and no access to any exchange booths.Only Giriraja was there with me at the empty lounge.

I decided to forget about the idea and continued to walk towards the hall with chairs,planning to wait there and chant a few rounds.

Suddenly I saw a two dollar coin sitting right at one of the chair's armrests! And there was absolutely not a single person around to ask,who left the coin?

The funniest thing was that there was a cleaning woman who just completed her work at the hall and left it just when I came in and she did not take a note of it either.There was only one man sitting at the next hall - I asked him ( just for my own peace of mind ) if he left any money there and he said "no".

So,I thought it would be safe to take the coin and use it for the massage machine.

After doing so I felt much better.

Thank you,Giriraja!


Approval from Giriraj

It happened during my short visit to New Zealand on the way to Australia.

I stayed in one apartment at the local community and few devotees came to see me.I used the opportunity to introduce them to  Giriraja and told them few stories about Him fulfilling devotee's wishes.

There was one small girl and at the end she also came to Giriraja and asked Him for something.As usual.nobody knew what it was initially,but after a very short time she came running in shouting that Giriraja already fulfilled her desire!

It came out that she was very eager to go to midnight Harinam with her parents ( it was New Year's eve),but they refused to take her and wanted her to take early rest.And after she made her request to Giriraja  - she went back home,asked her parents again and they suddenly agreed to take her.

Giriraja - spiritual tour guide.

It was during my (or, rather Giriraja's) first world tour in 2007.Our first stop was Kiev and I told local devotees few  stories about Giriradja, and many came to see Him. I did not know at the time what were they asking Him for and our journey continued.

My  last stop was India.It's very convenient to fly out  of India after Kartika and return there before  Gaura Purnima.

The first city where I  went upon my return was Tirupati. Just two days later there came the same group of devotees from Ukraine and Belarus, under the leadership of Yuga Avatar Prabhu.And when they saw me - many of them  started  asking  if they can come and see Giriraja? They were about twenty people, and when I asked how many of them have already seen Giriraja - half raised their hands.I asked - who approached Giriraja with requests before and who's wishes were fulfilled? Most of them said that they requested Giriraja to  send them to India, although the majority did not had enough money - and it happened! Even still more  interesting fact was that they too, like myself (or,rather us) immediately upon arrival to  India, traveled to Tirupati.It seems that Giriraj  not only sent them to India, but also met them upon their arrival at the first holy place.

I had a similar experience before my first trip to India  -  I had no money, but BB Govinda Maharaj insisted that I must go and gave the first hundred dollars.I prayed to his Giriraja and as a result I  soon not only found myself in India, but could not even spend all lakshmi per trip and had to buy plenty of  gifts for all my friends with the remaining cash. But before I thought  that Giriraj is sending devotees to the holy Dhama individually, and never imagined that He is also working as a tour guide on the top.

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