Since this page was originally published Vipramuhkya Swami has for personal reasons made a change in ashram and is refered to as Vipramukhya prabhu now. However, these pages were established in that former time, and as such remain noteworthy and glorious. We thank him for all the help he has given us, and as with any devotee, we wish him well. ys, JTCd

HH Vipramukhya Swami's pilrimage to the sacred Kali-gandaki - March 2001

His Shila related web-page

a shot after returning with over 300 new shilas

This is a shot of the present altar.

VMS pilgrimage Katmandu to Pokkhara - Feb 27th - March 1st 2001:
VMS Pilgrimage to Muktinath and "Salagraming" - March 1st 2001:
VMS overview of trip - nice page with good links:

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