Vaiyasaki dasa ACBSP
last updated 11th September 2010

Our deities Sri Sri Radha-Damodar. The force behind our world kirtan tours.

Our deities. Sri Sri Radha-Damodar, Giriraj, Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subadra. Gopis, and Gopas. We also have two Hanumans.
My wife Kaisori did this flower outfit for Janmastami 09. We were in Villa Vrindavan, Italy.

Our Giriraj

Sri Sri Radha Damodar

Radha-Damodar wearing flower dress. Radhastami 09 in Radhadesh, Belgium.

Our smiling Giriraj.

Radha-Damodar. Radhastami 2007.

Radha-Damodar wearing a dress my wife made.

Radha Damodar Janmasatami 2010 Flower Outfit Nueva Vrajamandala. Brihuega, Spain.

Relaxing in their robes the day before Janmsatami 2010.

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