Vamsidhari Gopinath dasa - JPS
New Delhi, India.
last updated 22nd January 2007

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Ananta sesa - Dwarka sila

Govardhan silas with Gunja-mala

video clip of my govardhana sila


i'm sending you one foto of my salagrams. these are sri sudarshan, recieved by a sri vaishnava devotee.presentaly i'm serving 11salagrams;4 giriraj( govardhan )1 dwarka and sri sri gaur nitai.soon i'll send full story and more fotos.please attach it to u'r site
(dwija)VARUN vaishnava ( sheltered shishya of H.H.JayaPatakaSwami )
new delhi, india.

!! vande guroh sri caranarvindam !!
**!! sri sri divya salagram sakshad narayana swarupiney sharanam !!**

With the blessings of Sri guru & goranga and vaishnavas i'm blessed to serve these divine forms of lord. and i'm requesting every vaishnavas of all sampradaya to have mercy on me so that i wll keeep on worshiping my priya thakurji's.

These Salagrams sila are one of the first worshipable incarnation of Lord. Lord is so mercyfull that he incarnated himself in the form of this blackish sila ( stone ) so that we can have the divine opportunity to serve him as he is worshipped by dev , yaksha , gana. in his abode sri vaikuntha and goloka dham.

First i got mercy of sri narasimha salagram who appeared in my altar by the mercy of one Sri Vaishnav brahmin from Sri Rangam. On personal request he gave me this sila and told me about the total procedure of worship according to Sri Vaisnav tradition.

After exact one year when he revisited Delhi he bought a garland of salagram silas (small) which was offered in one of the temple of south India to Sri Narayan during brahmotsavam. He again gave me one sila from that garland after hearing that i am worshiping Sri Narasimha sila regularly. the name of this small sila is Hiranya-garbha but now he is known as Vamsidhari salagram .

After joining ISKCON i came to know about many more type of sila deity like Dwarka and Govardhan.
After hearing and reading about glories of Sri Govardhan, i got interested in worship of Sri Giriraj .

One day i came to know about this site of Jaya tirtha charan prabhu "" after visiting this internet dham of Salagrams i became more curiouse for serving Sri Dwarka and Govardhan.

Then i also started chanting of Sri Govardhan-ashtakam as my daily service with my 16 rounds of Hare Krsna mahamantra.

With the mercy of Sri Govardhan-ashtakam one day i recieved three Giriraj Govardhan sila by one Braja vasi devotee during my visit to Govardhana - Vrindavan tour.

i am also serving one Dwaraka given by one brahmchari who visited Dwarka tirtha

i was blessed by his holiness Srila Jayapataka swami on the day of Sivaratri as he accepted me as his initiated disciple and gave me the name VAMSIDHARI GOPINATHA DASA.

Now i am serving three Giriraj Govardhan , among these one is Gopinath Giriraj as he has five colours on his back side as black, green, red, yellow and white representing panch mahabhavas .. and i have two Dwaraka namely Sri Ananta and Sri Sudarshana .

.....about salagram they are five in numbers namely : 1. Narasimha 2. Vamsidhari 3.Sudarshana 4.Vishnu 5.Narayana 5.Vasudeva.
i will soon send more pictures of Lord in there alankara vesa ; snana vesa ; and utsav vesa .

in the srevice of sri guru-gauranga-govindadev,
New delhi , India.

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