Varuthapa dasa - Argentina

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October 2004

Hari Sauri sila 2004

...the Sunday homa 2004

Dwarakadish who joined Gopal on Balarama purnima 2004

Gopal pictured last Balarama Purnima 2003

These ones were taken last Janmastami 2002 at the San Diego Temple were Gopal is residing at the moment.

Here you can see him at the feet of Sri Sri Radha Giridhari in San Diego.
There are many more of the SD deities are in this site:

Here's Gopal at Govardhana Puja at New Govardhana Dham (SD) 2002.
The little white stone on the right looking at Him comes from the bottom of Radha Kunda.

Gopal at Radhasthami 2002

This is Gopal - 2001.

He has a large calves hoofprint but as it's under the turban it is not visible here.

In this picture we have the sila from the Buenos Aires temple, Argentina.
He was the first Salagrama I had the pleasure to worship.

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