Visnu-priya devi dasi & Gour Gopinath dasa - Adelaide, Australia
last updated 1st December 2009

The pastime goes that for four hundred years this Shaligram was worshiped by one family in
India as Lord Shiva.  He has a perfect Shiva Linga formation.  Somehow the worship gradually
was lost through the generations until he was found hanging out in Chor Bazaar (Mumbai) by a devotee dedicated to HH IDSwami.

Maharaja was in Vrndavana two years back when we had a devotee from Adelaide there also.
This devotee is a good friend of Maharaja's and wished for the Shila to come to Adelaide as
Ksetra pala Shiva.  It was a toss up between Florida or Adelaide.  Radhe-Syama here won out.

In December 2008 Shivaji made it to Iskcon Adelaide.  He weighs 20kgs and receives abhisekha and puja daily.

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