Vrindaranya priya dasa - SS - Antwerp, Belgium
updated 9th February 2016


6th January 2016


5th January 2016

Govardhan with new big eyes !


20th November 2015


15th November 2015

Giriraj visiting the Brussel's temple today for the pleasure of the devotees for Govardhan puja.



19th October 2015

Waiting for bathing

3rd July 2015

Forest boy's...


7th April 2015


3rd March 2015


3rd January 2015

First day of 2015


25th November 2014

Giri-Govardhan ki jaya !! (today)


13th September 2012

a picture of some of my sweet Lords

12th December 2011

Today on Radhastami =)  - 5th September 2011


my 3 Narasimha deitys, they are like 10 cm high

8th May 2011

Giriraj before

Chandan yatra 2011 and new eyes we have made ourselves =)

13th November 2010


Introduction text is coming - some time separating

with beloved guru maharaj HH Suhotra Swami in Amsterdam

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