Zurich Iskcon Temple - Switzerland
last updated 3rd February 2016

variety of stuffed sandesh



Left Govardhan, Kurma dev, Ugra Nrsimha, and Padmanabha Sila

Giri Govardhan

Govardhan Sila & Ugra Nrsimha sila (below)

THEY came together. Bhu Dhara Prabhu was visiting our temple in 1989 in order to paint Srila Prabhupada Murti and our Deities, he was travelling with several Salagram silas with him; so the TP asked him if he could give us some of THEM, so in this way Giriraj Maharaj and Nrsimhadeva (below) (who was worshiped as Jagannath, but when the pujaris saw the big whole who was... under they could recognise Nrsimha's mouth!!) appeared.

Left Kurma and right Lord Nrisimhadev

KURMA DEVA (the smaller round sila)
Mandali Bhadra pr.and Damodara Pr.went on a trip to Nepal in the year 1989. They visited there the temple of "Budhanila Kanta" where Maha Visnu lying on Ananta Sesa and is worshiped surrounded by a multitude of Salagram silas. So they begged the head pujari to give them few of THEM but the pujari categoricaly refused so they left the temple with a heavy and sad heart. Then when they were walking on the street there came runing a small brahmana boy, he had something hided in his hand and asked for MBP's hand and let something fall in, that was our Kurma deva sila!

Padmanabha Sila

Mandalibhadra pr. went to Muktinath, on the way he spent a night in a guest house in a small village. The next morning the guest house owner asked him that when he comes back to the village he should come to him , and that he would like to give him something for his puja. So when MBP went back he gave him this sila before going to Vrndavan where Padmanabha Goswami gave HIM this...name!
Padmanabha Sila is worshiped here since 1988, He also appeared to MBP in a dream requesting him to take care of Him again but MBP asked HIM to patiently wait a little more in the temple where He can receive a better worship .

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