The perverted reflection of Salagram puja

In the spiritual realm there are five primary Rasas; Santa rasa (love in neutrality), Dasya rasa (love in servitude), Sakya rasa (love in friendship), Vatsalya rasa (parental love), and Madhurya rasa (conjugal love). As usual each of these is pervertedly reflected in the material world, here are some examples; Santa rasa (love in neutrality is perverted as an attraction for antiques, collectables of all kinds, that an individual can feel they own or posses but there's no real personal interaction or integrity of commitment, merely objects - such as Pet-rocks), Dasya rasa (love in servitude is perverted in getting others to serve us through our prestige, profiles, and further expansions of our false ego...), Sakya rasa (love in friendship is perverted in the mood that I have so many friends or am a friend to so many - I am the centre of attention etc, see how wonderful I am, with all my friends around me...), Vatsalya rasa (parental love is pervertedly reflected in the dynasties of family development from the lowest or poorest to the wealthiest - the parents accumulate children through their sex-life or even adoption so that the children can be enjoyed by them, and or so that in their old age they can be looked after by their doting children and grand children - again all putting themselves in the centre), and Madhurya rasa (conjugal love is perverted in mundane sexual affairs between boy and girls and further perverted between members of the same sex).

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Pet a Rock is the non-devotee idea of rendering service to inanimate objects without commitment to a real tangible person.

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