All your Puja Paraphernalia needs
28th October 2006

Eyes, Tilaks, Mouths etc hand made to your needs by Madhurya Kadambini devi dasi in Russia

Brass and copper paraphernalia, oils, ...and much much more !!!

Silver cups, Gold shoes, flutes, asanas etc etc have a look:

Incense Ash catchers, Deity cups, shoes, bells, simple dresses, peacock fans, arati sets (silver), blowing conches etc

Nilachal Incense - argarbhattis - attars - scented oils

Incense - Agarbhatti - Finest world class incense on-line

For all puja needs; lamps, bells, achaman cups and spoon (panchapatra), plates, cotton & silk dhotis, chaddars,

Nepa Rudraksha & Nepa Saligram for Nepali and Tibetan style of items and not so readily available in India

Salagram mukut - crowns and head dresses:

Salagram Thrones - Seats - Asanas:

Beautifully upholstered Deity Asanas:

Pure Silver Deity Temple houses (Griha garbhas):

Rosewood Deity Temples (Griha garbhas)

Silver Jhoolan (jhulan) swings

Puja utensils - kalashas - lohtas, lamps - diyas, panchapatra

Conches - blowing and bathing:

Shaligram rings and hara / vihara - necklaces of Shaligrams for puja: (Shringaar)

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