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Vegetarian Organizations in the Various Continents of the World:

Vegetarian Societies and Vegetarian Organizations for vegetarian food and a vegetarian diet
Description: Vegetarian restaurants, vegetarian friendly restaurants, natural food stores, co-ops, organizations,
vegetarian recipes, vegetarian web sites and information on vegetarian and vegan subjects.
Has Hare Krishna links and vegetarian friendly business web sites.
The Vegetarian Resource Group - Heaps of essential facts and useful links - worth checking out.

A myriad of other links here below...................
League Against Cruel Sports - Campaining for wildlife:
Heaps of Vegetarian Resources HERE:
101 Reasons to be a Vegetarian (all options 1998 - 2001 ed):
The Ultimate Vegetarian Resource link:
Vegetarian Stuff - links to all kinds of veggies needs

Vegetarian Society of New Zealand - Wellington was a vegetarian)
Was Jesus a Vegetarian ?:
Christian Vegetarian Association:
The Jewish Vegetarian and Ecological Society:
The Schwartz Collection on Judaism, Vegetarianism, and Animal Rights
Hare Krishna Vegetarian Society of Australia

The Vegetarian athlete - resources for Vegetarians
Ahimsa - Chaitanya Cultural Centre - Masterton
Veda Foods - Auckland (supplying nationwide)
Basilicum Vegetarian Restaurant - and Backpackers - Pentone Wellington
Gopals Vegetarian Restaurant - Christchurch - Auckland - Australia
Gaura Yoga and Loft - Vegetarian Meals - Catering - Wellington
Christchurch's Loft - Informal - Friendly Non-threatening Atmosphere - Good Association
Dunedin's Loft - Spiritual Discussions - Vegetarian buffet - Friendly Atmosphere
Hare Krishna Sunday Vegetarian Love Feasts - New Zealand - World - Veges & Beyond page
VEGIE WORLD. - learn all about Vegetarianism - Organics - Permaculture ETC.
Click HERE
No one should go hungry....:
Prasadam distribution in RSA:
Animal Rights Resource Services
Animal Rights Organisations Resource Pages
Ahimsa Home USA Page
Australian Vegetarian Society (Victoria)
Vedic Cultural Services
Weight Loss for Vegetarians
Nature's NONI Juice & Other Health Associated Products from Te Rama Rama Co-op.
Australian University of Canberra Hare Krishna Vegetarian Soc.
Click Here for Aesop's Non-cruelty Products
Vegan Wares - Melbourne Australia:
A Whole List of Retailers of Non-leather products - Worldwide: (Reasons not to fish)'s Veg. site) Rights Resource Site)

Fish have feelings too - Fishes Rights
Scientific proof that Vegetarians Brain capacity is greater:
Vegetarianism is no impediment to Sport:
Hundreds of great Vegetarian links on ALL topics, cultures, religions:
The Fruitarian site:
American Vegetarians:
Welcome to Satya, a monthly magazine of vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice
The aim of the Young Indian Vegetarians is to promote vegetarianism all over the world.
            The society was formed in 1978 by Nitin Mehta.
Famous vegetarians
Quotes of famous vegetarians
.......get your facts straight !!!
A great Islamic Vegetarian site
Vegetarian Cook book
365 Healthful Ways to cook Tofu and other Meat Alternatives:
Quick Pulse Recipies:
How to Raise a Healthy Vegetarian Baby:
SPEAK (Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom)
Cows are Vegetarians:(Kids book - why we should be vegetarians)
These people have a whole range of vegetarian books directed toward children, and bringing up children as vegetarians.

Better Than Peanut Butter & Jelly : Quick Vegetarian Meals Your Kids Will Love!

A Site for Vegetarian Dogs:
HSC Environmental Awareness Project Presents - Vegetarianism:
Stop Animal Cruelty:
Exploitation of Animals:
The Veda and Vegetarianism:
EMAZING Vegetarian Newsletter Archives - very useful:
Islamic Vegetarian page:
Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking Recipes:
Bengali Food and Recipes:
South Indian Cuisine - Karnatakan:
The Bitter Melon page:
The Chuttney page:
VegeSource Recipes:
Looking 4 low carbohydrate high protein Vegetarian recipes - they're HERE:
Vegetarian Central - Resource Guide:
Vegetarian Cookbook Making Meat Substitutes Taste Great:
World of Recipes - (Warning they use Eggs, Onion and Garlic):
The VegWeb Directory:
Vegan Wares - Melbourne Australia:
Vegetarian Resource Group - non leather footware:
A Whole List of Retailers of Non-leather products - Worldwide:
List of all US Vegetarian Socieites:
Vegetarian Society of Ireland:
Singapore Vegetarian Society:

My Favourites - JTCd  =>:-))
Welcome to Sheela's Kitchen!:
South Indian Vegetarian recipes:
South Indian recipes by Bhooma Pattabhiraman:
Indian Vegetarian Recipes - various selections:
India Tastes - South Indian preps:
The "Vegetarian Meat" recipe page:
America's Source for Delicious Soyfoods:
Hundreds of Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbooks available:

The Indian Recipe Site for Vegetarian Cooking:


Mocktails - non alcoholic drinks:
Rather than sticking to standard orange juice or softdrinks for your
non-alcoholic alternative drinks why not try your hand at making a
'mocktail'. This site has lots of recipes for such gems as 'Tea on
the rocks', 'Moonlight cocktail', and 'Good luck punch'. Yummy!:

Dead Animal Flesh & Food: (no way)

Please chant ...

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

...and your life will will be sublime

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